Down to Earth Women’s Retreat

Down to Earth Women goes international!

Want to get away for a beautiful weekend in nature?

I’ve had the the opportunity to offer my Women’s Retreat at several places in Europe and I’m planning to continue this work abroad. 

What to expect from the retreat?

❀ Find peace in yourself, ground yourself and feel your strength;

☞ From your head, into your body: feeling who and what you are;

❀ Connecting with your heart and all the other chakras.

☞ Start working with your magnificent body;

☞ Integrate knowledge and raise your consciousness;

☞ Find love and compassion towards yourself;

❀ Connecting with other women and experiencing sisterhood;

☞ Insights, inspiration and valuable practices;

❀ Share, dance, enjoy; a super fun day!


What I’m offering on a day like this is a combination of valuable knowledge and practices. Together we create a safe container to really let our true self been seen. We can raise our consciousness and use our sacred bodies to work with our stories, old patterns and conditioning,- for healing and growth. In sisterhood we can rise up and heal. 

The retreat contains – information, sharing moments, writing assignments, meditations, beautiful music, ceremony, dance and movement.

The ticket price is inclusive of tea, fruit, cacao and a vegetarian diner. After this retreat you will be inspired and have practical tools to use on your personal journey.

If you want to celebrate the fact that you are a woman on this amazing Mother Planet and you are eager to keep growing and evolving as a spiritual human being, you should definitely come to Down to Earth Women’s Retreat!

New retreats will take place in 2022. Dates will follow soon.

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